Top Questions

Are J1 Students allowed second jobs?

Yes and no, permission would have to be granted by your U.S.A program sponsors.

Can I seek job for myself?

Yes a self-placement service is offered. (Learn more using the contact us form)

What happens if my visa gets denied?

Exuberant will refund up to 80% of the visa fee. (With terms and conditions)

What is the cost for registration?

Registration cost $2500 JMD for J1 summer work and travel programs.

When can I apply?

Application portal will be opened on August 31st

Opening hours: Monday – Thursdays: 9:00 Am To 5:00pm, Fridays: 9:00am to 4:00pm Saturday & Sunday: closed

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34 Queens Drive, Ridgeway Guest House, Office 11, Montego-Bay, St James, Jamaica W.I.

The Exuberant Overseas Placement Agency (TEOPA) is licensed to operate in Jamaica, West Indies under regulations of the Ministry of Labors’ Employment Agencies Regulation Act.